Middle East Technical University

Cultural and Convention Center

The conference will be held at the Cultural and Convention Center at METU.

Venue Capacity Size
Kemal Kurdas amphitheatre 850 seats 750 m2
A room 196 seats 181 m2
B room 193 seats 178 m2
C room 55 seats 122 m2
D room 110 seats 122 m2
E room 15 seats 46 m2
F room 40 seats 60 m2
G room 30 seats 46 m2
H room 20 seats 60 m2
Big foyer area 1000 people 800 m2
Small foyer area 500 people 300 m2
Main exhibition area 250 people 123 m2
Upper exhibition aream 150 people 150 m2

Getting to METU from the airport or bus terminal

Bus + taxi: Two bus companies (BelKo Air and Havas) run between the airport and the main inter-city bus terminal AŞTI(pronounced ASHTEE). The buses depart the airport every half an hour between 5:00 am and 11:30 pm. The departures are every hour after midnight between 00:00 am and 6:00 am. The journey takes around one hour. The trip costs 10 TL (~3 EUR). You should get off at AŞTİ (pronounced ASHTEE), and then take a metered taxi (~10 EUR) to the METU campus.

Taxi: Taxis are available round the clock, and could be found at the Domestic and International Arrivals and Departures floors. A taxi directly from the airport to the METU campus would cost about 200 TL(~50 EUR).

Private transport: There are also private vans available for transport. This option is cheaper compared to taxis. Reservations should be made at least 6 hours before the arrival time at Secure Drive Travel

Directions to the Venue at METU: For those arriving at the meeting directly, please show the following instruction (in Turkish) to the taxi driver: "ODTÜ Kültür Kongre Merkezi".

Travel from campus to the city center: Easiest way to go to the city center (Kizilay) is via subway (Check here for the subway map). The subway station is near the A1 gate (northeast of the campus). Alternatively, there are taxis and minibuses available, close-by to the venue.

Campus map: Each participant is provided with a campus map in their conference bag (for a pdf version Check here). Please refer to the map for the location of the buildings (the codes are provided in bold in parentheses). You can also refer to the interactive campus map at here.

Food on campus: There are various options at campus:

  1. Çatı (cafe (Ac31 at the map) has wide range of options and it is a 2 min walk from the venue.
  2. The Social Building (Sosyal Bina, Hc1 at the map) also has somewhat wide range of options, again 2 min walk from the venue.
  3. There is a small shopping mall on campus across the tennis courts (Çarşı, M1 at the map) where you can find various restaurants and fast food places.

Contact Details

009 0312 2107267
For general inquires general@icaz2018ankara.com
For submission proposals submissions@icaz2018ankara.com
For accommodation at METU metuaccommodation@icaz2018ankara.com
For accommodation outside of METU and trips hotelandtrip@icaz2018ankara.com


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