Accommodation will be available at METU campus at dormitories as well as at hotels nearby.

For accommodation at METU please contact us via

For accommodation outside of METU and any questions about trips please contact us via

Accommodation at METU

Accommodation at METU will be available at students’ dormitorries and for a limited number of rooms at guesthouses located in campus.

The prices are rising every year, usually by a small amount. (Usually by 10%-15%)

The prices for 2017 are:

Dormitories: Rooms are available for 1, 2 or 4 people. Single room availability is limited. Rooms without bathroom (shared bathrooms in each floor) are priced at 40TL (roughly 9 €), with bathroom 50 TL (roughly 11 €).

Guesthouses: Single room 78 TL (18 €), double room 124 TL (28 €), triple room 163 TL (37 €)

KE1 Konukevi 1
KE1-1 2 beds 4 8 With bathroom KE1-1 Room Plan
KE1-2 2 beds (Bunk bed) 9 18 With bathroom KE1-2 Room Plan
KE1-3 4 beds (Bunk bed) 44 176 Shared bathroom KE1-3 Room Plan
KE1-4 1 bed 12 12 With bathroom + kitchenete KE1-4 Room Plan
KE1-5 2 beds (bunk bed) 24 48 With bathroom + kitchenete KE1-5 Room Plan
KE1-6 1+1 beds 9 18 With bathroom + kitchenete KE1-6 Room Plan
KE1-7 2+2 beds 3 12 With bathroom + kitchenete KE1-7 Room Plan
KE1-8 2+2 beds (Bunk bed) 5 20 With bathroom + kitchenete KE1-8 Room Plan
KE2 Konukevi 2
KE2-1 1 bed 46 46 Shared bathroom KE2-1 Room Plan
KE2-2 2 beds 57 114 Shared bathroom KE2-2 Room Plan
KE2-3 1 bed 44 44 With bathroom KE2-3 Room Plan
KE2-4 2 beds 5 10 With bathroom KE2-4 Room Plan
KE2-5 2 beds (Bunk bed) 3 6 With bathroom KE2-5 Room Plan
KE2-6 4 beds (loft/cabin bunk bed) 24 96 With bathroom KE2-6 Room Plan
OGV ODTÜ Geliştirme Vakfı Konukevi
OGV-1 1 bed 105 105 With bathroom OGV-1 Room Plan
OGV-2 2 beds 5 10 With bathroom OGV-2 Room Plan
OGV-3 2 beds (Bunk bed) 8 16 With bathroom OGV-3 Room Plan
OGV-4 3 beds (loft/cabin bunk bed) 32 96 With bathroom OGV-4 Room Plan
AS Aysel Sabuncu Guest House
AS 2 beds 125 50 bedroom + living room with kitchenet


Loft/cabin bunk beds: a unit with a desk and a bed above it.

Shared bathroom: 6 WC, 5 Showers per floor

1+1and 2+2: 2 rooms, each with one/two beds and shared bathroom, kitchenete

The rooms at students' dormitories are furnished with bedclothes and pillows but towels are not available.

Breakfast is not included in the dormitories but nearby there are many places that can provide. Breakfast is included in Aysel Sabuncu guest house

Note that Aysel Sabuncu is located inside the METU campus but far from the Conference Center. Service bus will be arranged once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

A taxi from Aysel Sabuncu to Conference center costs about 15 TL at day time

Rooms for 4 people: These rooms may not be booked to full capacity but for a minimum of 2 people.


Aysel Sabuncu


Accommodation at hotels

Details about hotels will follow soon.

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