Instruction for Session Organizers

  • There is no official language for the conference but there will be no simultaneous translation.
  • Session titles and abstracts should be in English to facilitate voting selection.
  • Paper/poster titles and abstracts will be in the language used to deliver them.
  • Organizers are invited to choose a specific topic either from those stated in the website or from any topic suitable within the diverse range of archaeozoological studies.
  • Session organizers will be responsible for identifying session participants and for all communications with participants.
  • The instructions are the same for any type of session proposals including paper sessions, poster sessions or workshops.


1st September to 20th January 2018: session organizers should enter the title and abstract of their session(250 words max.) in the website system.

21st November – 15th December 2017: the Scientific Committee of the conference will examine the session proposals, and, after anonymous voting through the conference’s website, the sessions to be accepted will be announced. In cases of overlap or any other circumstances that will make it necessary and after discussion with the session organizer, sessions may be split or combined.

By 15th April 2017: it will be the responsibility of the session organizers to sort out speakers’ abstracts, scheduling, etc. and to provide the ICAZ 2018 Organizing Committee with a "session pack".

This must include:

  1. Name and contact details of session organizer/s
  2. Name and contact details of proposed chair/s
  3. Name and contact details for each paper/poster contributor/s (Indicate the primary author)
  4. If there are Keynote speaker and/or Discussant their names and contact details
  5. Five keywords
  6. Full title of submission
  7. Abstract (up to 250 words excluding title, authors, and references)
  8. A session program which lists the order of presentations

Contact details includes: Institutional affiliation, email address


Apart from the sessions proposed as above, there will be room for individual papers/posters which will be included under the “general session” heading. To apply for this please look at the instructions for paper/poster presentations.


  • Paper titles and abstracts will be in the language used to deliver the paper.
  • Each speaker will have a 20-minute slot (15 minutes for the paper and 5 minutes for questions). Session organizers are encouraged to allocate time for discussion at the end of a session.
  • The session organizers will encourage speakers to provide visual aids (PowerPoint) for their presentations that can be easily read and understood, even from some distance. The use of long tables and complex diagrams is discouraged.
  • It is essential for the session organizer to keep in regular contact with the participants in the session.
  • To enable switching between sessions, all sessions will start and finish at the same time. Therefore, papers must always occur as scheduled. If a scheduled speaker do not turn up, there will be a 20-minute break.
  • All sessions will be organized in two-hour blocks, with five speakers per block. Consequently, sessions could be formatted for: one quarter of a day (two hours), half a day (four hours + a coffee break), three quarters of a day (half a day + coffee break + two hours), a full day (two half days + two coffee breaks). Proposals for sessions of half a day are encouraged, whereas session proposals with more than 20 presentations will be discouraged or split into several different sessions.
  • Sessions are encouraged to include a 10-minute or 20-minute (depending on either 2-hour or 4+-hour sessions, respectively) keynote speech at the beginning and a 10-minute or 20-minute period for a discussion at the end. This discussion can be introduced with a short presentation by the organizer(s) of the session or by an invited discussant. If so, the discussant should be instructed to provide a general comment on the session and the papers presented, rather than an independent extra paper. It is, therefore, essential that the discussant attend the whole session. We do not think it is necessary for the discussant to have to read written versions of the papers beforehand, but we expect him or her to be provided with a full list of abstracts as soon as the session is finalized.
  • The number of papers given by a single individual in the same session will be limited to one (this includes introductory or discussant papers). If at least one of the papers is co-authored, this limit can be increased to two.
  • If you need any help or a letter of support, etc. from the Organizing Committee and/or the ICAZ Executive Committee, don't hesitate to ask. If you have any problems or questions, please, do get in touch preferably by email at submissions@icaz2018ankara


  1. Session organisers should first create an account at the “Login” page. After filling the form you will receive an email containing a validation code for your account. Please, complete validation to be able to reach your account.
  2. Please click “Organize a Session” button in home page. “Organize a Session” button will be active in the home page of 13th ICAZ International Conference from the 1st September to 20th November 2017.
  3. You will be directed to “Login” page. The session organizer has to login to his/her account.
  4. You will be redirected to “Create Session” page.
  5. Please fill “Session Title” and “Session Abstract” fields.
  6. Click the “Create Session” button.
  7. You can reach your session/s by “My Sessions” in the menu.
  8. The person who created the session is the one who administers it .All changes and amendments will be done by him/her. Also he/she will be the one who will confirm the accepted presentations in the system
  9. If you have session co-organisers they should also create an account. Then, the session administrator can add their names by entering their email addresses .(the address used to create an account)
  10. Session details can be updated until the deadline of session proposal (20th November).

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