13th ICAZ International Conference will be held at the Cultural and Convention Center at METU, Ankara, Turkey 2nd-7th September 2018

Welcome to ICAZ 2018

Straddling between two continents, as truly a bridge, Turkey is a unique country with rich and varied contemporary culture as well as numerous archaeological sites from the earliest prehistory to most recent civilizations. The rich archaeological heritage and history of Turkey always attracted the attention of archaeologists, which led to formation of multinational, multidisciplinary research teams in many excavation sites.

It is also a significant region for zooarchaeology since it holds the remains of cultures that were pivotal in the advancement and establishment of domestic animal economy and its dispersal to other localities. At the same time, throughout history, the continuous moving of people to and through the lands of Anatolia offers numerous challenging research questions to the study of animal management.

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, lies in the steppes of Central Anatolia, which contain many of the well-known archaeological settlements. The venue, METU-CCC is conveniently located in Middle East Technical University campus with many restaurants, banks, health centre and other shops at a walking distance.

We hope the meeting will provide an unprecedented opportunity to colleagues from Turkey and abroad for sharing and discussing their research on zooarchaeology.

Looking forward to see you in ICAZ 2018, Ankara.

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